"Oneness is so much more than a concept or theory that we hope to live from; instead, the truth of it will slowly enter and then completely reshape your life until the only vision possible is the one coming from love".

Your divinity lies both in the reality of your formless nature as well as in your relative reflection as the one who creates form and gives meaning through your mind. 

Evelyn Einhaeuser is a realized spiritual teacher living in the United States. Her life and work reflect and remind you of the true nature and potentiality of your Self and Your unified presence. She is simply a mirror for what you already are.

Life changes drastically once you realize your Self as spacious awareness. You will then recognize and experience that the typical themes that take up most of our common mindstreams are not you on an absolute level and that even on a relative level, most thought forms are not consciously chosen but are heavily conditioned and suggested by the collective mind. 




Self-realization is the discovery of yourself as beingness itself, independent of any thought, and it offers a deep-felt peace through the freedom from all appearances and everything that is suggested to you by your mind.

When more of the causeless dimension is recognized, love, joy, or fulfillment are no longer bound to objects but can arise spontaneously out of itself. 

Life can then be understood as happening by itself, moment by moment, and as deeply guided. You can let yourself go. There is an openness and constant awareness of all that is arising and a growing appreciation of the miracle of life.

Beingness is discovered as both empty and full, and oneness is experienced as the living reality of Self. This recognition and experience is Evelyn's wish for everyone and was her motivation in creating her Oneness series.


"I was never born, nor will I ever die, and neither will you. My appearance serves as a reflection for you and yet will never be able to describe to you what you are in truth. When all description is lost, will the mystery pull you in and show you your limitless existence beyond all ideas of the mind."



The teachings of enlightenment

Find what is true in you apart from all intellectual ideas, and your seeking will finally turn into finding. 

You have come to my page because you are looking for someone to point you back to yourself, and you will be given ways, techniques, and pointers that help you transcend the mind. My teaching also offers you a journey in linear time that offers an experiential understanding of our unified essence.

A warm welcome to my teachings and page!

(Evelyn's Oneness series is the first-ever nondual course that offers you an experiential journey into the original teachings of Yoga and self-realization (enlightenment). 

The complete series is based on Evelyn's direct realization and immediate experience of our true nature.

The ancient teachings of Yoga offer additional wisdom in her courses as a means to offer the seeker ways to understand the mind and realize your unified Self.

Before her realization, Evelyn has lived in Chennai, South India, for over four years and has studied Yoga, Yogic philosophy and the healing properties of Yoga in-depth. She has worked as a certified Viniyoga teacher, Viniyoga therapist, Vedic chant teacher, Yoga therapist mentor, and Yoga teacher trainer).

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