The Way of Oneness

You already are a perfect reflection of the Christ, or the Buddha, or Krishna. You just forgot for a moment about the light of consciousness that you are. In Sanskrit, we call that all-pervasive divine essence inside of you 'Nārāyaṇa'. It translates to 'the one in the many, and the many in the one'. It points to the recognition of the deeper awareness of I AM in which all seemingly outside appearances melt into one unified field. Simultaneously, it also acknowledges the distinct expression of all life as part and parcel of this divine essence. That in you which can never be defined embraces the definitions that arise and constitute your specific life's expression. In the final annihilation of an idea of paradox, oneness reveals its luminous face. 



Staying present

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"He who sees all beings in the self, and the self in all beings, hates none."-Īśāvāsyopaniṣat


On your path of spiritual awakening, you will encounter different interpretations of oneness, self-realization, and enlightenment. You will hear about duality and non-duality, Tantra and Vedanta and Yoga, different ways to transcend the ego, and methodologies that focus on the embodiment of divinity in form.   

How do you make sense of the plethora of often contradictory teachings?

The deeper recognition of that essential nature of who you are has often been referred to as the 'pathless path', as it is a realization rather than an achievement that waits for you at the end of an arduous spiritual quest.

You are already free.

Many teachings point to the same eternal beingness that lies at the core of who you are but that is often overlooked or failed to be remembered. That I AM or 'isness' of who you are lies beyond the scope of any conceptual description and yet is more intimate to you than any outside appearance can ever be. 

Simultaneously, the awakening journey and the exploration of infinite intelligence never stop. How the divine expresses itself through your form will be distinct to you.

Ultimately what you are can never be fully named or grasped.  You will find that the world starts and ends in your awareness. You will become more acutely aware of the nature of the mind. And you will more and more recognize the underlying oneness with all of life. It allows humility, gratitude, and a sense of wonder to accompany the mystery of what is life.

You are connected to everything, and yet completely undefinable.


How does a yoga and meditation practice look like that is informed by a deeper recognition of who you are? How do you crystallize your distinct calling from within? How can relationships again be a representation of what is sacred and unified? How can presence and awareness become prevalent pillars in our everyday life?


Presence speaks.

The Way of Unity.


As we collectively awaken to the deeper truth of who we are, we also realize the underlying oneness as a living reality.

With it, new questions arise for our awakened community:
What is relevant now? How does the realization of beingness inspire a new way of life? What dimensionalities and themes do we discover and explore as we awaken on a relative level? 
This podcast is for everyone on a sincere path of spiritual awakening and self-realization and all those who know that unity is the way.



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Meditation Freebie #1

I AM Wisdom

Wisdom is the recognition of our eternal nature. From this space, a different vantage point about life opens.

Equanimity and peace arise from knowing that something in us remains unaffected by any situation or circumstance. It allows us to be with sensations, thoughts, or emotions without judgment or needing to change them.

We find the ability to be with whatever arises precisely as it is.

Click on the meditation to listen. Enjoy!

Meditation Freebie #2

I AM Compassion

Compassion and self-compassion are automatic expressions of the love that we are. Those of us that are in service often forget about the necessity for self-compassion.

It allows all steering and pressure to drop away. The weight lifts. The presence of compassion is simply open, loving, gentle and connected.

As we move deeper we find that self-compassion and compassion are really the same things. 

Click on the meditation to listen. Enjoy!

Every moment offers the opportunity to step inside

On this journey, different forms of support assist different stages of awakening:

If you want energetic support or more information about spiritual awakening and self-realization, check out my podcast or follow me on Instagram.

If you want to work on your mind and energetics, increase the level and capacity of your awareness and gain spiritual momentum, come to one of my courses.

If you are at a point in which you need individual support or want to step further, come to a mentoring session.


Deep Dive:  Courses

My courses allow you to realize and work with the subtle awareness of who you are. They open your energy field to the mystical reality of oneness and offer a gradual process of involution of the gross phenomenal world back into its divine origin and cause. All courses provide a continuous deconstruction of who you believe yourself to be and an increase in your spiritual momentum. Healing occurs naturally. Love and compassion become automatic. Your life will more and more effortlessly reflect peace, clarity, contentment, and stillness.


Mentoring Services

As we inquire deeper into the nature of who we are, our perceived sense of identity shifts. We find ourselves in a continuous deconstruction of beliefs, assumptions, and realities—the awareness of life as a reflection of our ongoing mindstream increases.  We are the dreamer both of and inside the dream. That also implies that an entirely new vision of reality emerges that needs a deep understanding of its inherent metaphysical mechanisms. An articulated inner orientation to return to and a mentor who understands you are two of the most helpful allies on your awakening journey.

Yes, I need individual support ➡

"I am following the Yogic path for 20 years now, but I never had such intense experiences in my Yoga or meditation practice like the experiences I had with her chakra series"

Evelyn Einhaeuser has accompanied me for several years now as a teacher and mentor. 
She creates spaces of deep healing and inner realization. Her teachings are incredibly enriching, and she offers profound and competent wisdom. 
She is extremely attentive and sensitive to the needs of her students. Because of her loving nature, you feel very safe with her. 
I can recommend her work to everyone. It was life-changing for me. It goes deeper than deep. I am following the Yogic path for 20 years now, but I never had such intense experiences in my Yoga or meditation practice like the experiences I had with her chakra series.