Evelyn Einhaeuser's Oneness Series


The first program to discover the Self and to experience what oneness means.


Self-realization is recognizing and identifying who you are beyond all illusions of the mind. It is your return to yourself as nothingness, the mystery, Infinity itself. This identity shift is irrevocable and marks a widening into the 'You' that is undefinable, limitless, and exists beyond all of creation. 

Self-discovery is also about the growing experience of what this realization implies. What happens as you know who you truly are? Oneness becomes your lived reality. Duality turns into a playground. Form is understood as the invention of you as the Absolute. Awareness opens itself, revealing its limitless nature to you in completely new and miraculous ways. It is about becoming accustomed to the real you, unbound, self-created, and eternally aware.

This course opens you to the full spectrum of your awakening to the One.


REturning to the One

Awakening to the One

through the chakras
Mūlādhāra- Root Chakra

Being the Earth

  • Form is formlessness: Experience being one with the Earth and learn to see your body as a mirror of the Self.
  • Release Childhood StoriesRecognize that nothing that ever happened to your relative Self defines who you are.
  • Self-Love: Return to the love of the Self and live in the present moment.
  • The Currency of Self-Worth: Trust that you, as you are, are infinitely deserving. Let go into who you already are and allow that deeper essence to provide infinite abundance for you.

A month-long program of Self-discovery.

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Svādhiṣṭhāna - Sacral Chakra

Being the Water

  • Self-Identity: Return to the identity of the Self and open to the miracle of life
  • Emotional Freedom: Turn your awareness to that in you that is always peaceful and release all past stories of guilt and shame
  • Conscious Creation: Find out who you are before Creation and allow awareness to create for you
  • A new relationship paradigm: Recognize the divinity that you are and accept yourself fully

A month-long program of Self-discovery

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Maṇipūraka - Solar Plexus Chakra

Being the Fire 

  • Self-Awareness: Awaken to the reality of You
  • Freedom from the Ego: Dial up the volume of Awareness and start detaching from the thoughts that kept you identified
  • Regaining your Will: Step out of collective assumptions and programs of Self
  • A hero's story: See life from the metaperspective of the Self 

A month-long program of Self-discovery.

Anāhata - Heart Chakra

Being Love 

  • Being Love: Allow yourself to be seen from the eyes of awareness and contemplate on that in you that can love it all
  • The Return of Bliss: Live life from the buoyancy of Self and return to a positive image of the world

  • The Mirrored Self: Re-establish inner union, allow greater transparency in your relationships, and become an agent of true compassion

  • Exaltation: Find relief in the purity of nothingness that opens you to existence before an ‘I’

    A month-long program of Self-discovery.

Viśuddhi- throat chakra

Being Spacious

  • Being spacious: What is your spacious essence, and how can you return to it?
  • Truth: Negate all false assumptions of Self by the purity of I AM
  • Reality: How to practice Self-inquiry and turn your attention toward what is real
  • Transcendence: What helps you transcend the game of the ‘person’ ?

A month-long program of Self-discovery

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Ājñā- The Third Eye

Being The Seeing

  • Ahamkara:  Disidentify from the mind
  • Being the Seeing: Step back into Awareness
  • Self-Realization: The pathless path
  • Oneness: Untinged

A month-long program of Self-discovery


Being The One

  • Your Dream:  Permutables of the Infinite
  • Being the One: Undifferentiated from Life
  • Self-Created: What is unknown to the human mind
  • Completion: Unknown to the human mind

 A month-long program of Self-discovery.



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Realize who you are and allow that to show you what Oneness truly means. 

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