Evelyn Einhaeuser's Oneness Series


The first program to realize the Self and to experience what onenenss means.


Your journey of realization takes you into two distinct alleyways: one is to recognize and identify who you are beyond all illusions of the mind. It is your return to yourself as the mystery, as God, as Infinity itself. This identity shift is irrevocable and marks a widening into the 'You' that is undefinable, limitless, and before creation. 

The other one is the growing experience of what this realization implies. What does walking as your vaster Self mean in this field of dreams? Oneness becomes your lived reality. Duality becomes a playground. Form is understood as the invention of you as the Absolute. Awareness opens itself, revealing itself to you in completely new and miraculous ways. It is about becoming accustomed to the real you, unbound, self-created, and eternally aware.

This course opens you to the full spectrum of awakening to the One.


REturning to the One

Awakening to the One

through the chakras
Mūlādhāra- Root Chakra

Being One with the Earth

  • Form is formlessness: Experience being one with the Earth and learn to see your body as a mirror of the Self.
  • Release Childhood StoriesRecognize that nothing that ever happened to your relative Self defines who you are.
  • Self-Love: Return to the love of the Self and live in the present moment.
  • The Currency of Self-Worth: Trust that you, as you are, are infinitely deserving. Let go into who you already are and allow that deeper essence to provide infinite abundance for you.

A month-long program of Self-discovery.

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Being One with Water

See what happens when you merge with the water element as a creative agent and clearing substance. 

Learn how to accept, observe and work with your emotions through Yogic tools. Increase your creativity. Go deeper into your desire base and understand your soul's motivations. Connect deeply to your inner polarity- the divine masculine and divine feminine within. Clear sexual trauma and negative sexual programming. Connect to joy and pleasure as an inherent part of your expression.

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Being One with Fire 

See what it means to merge with your inner flame. Connect to your solar plexus as the seat of your sovereignty. Gain a deeper understanding of where in your life you leak 'life force.' Work with the sun to establish soul leadership.  Understand how your sense of self is constructed by belief systems. What kind of life do you want to live? Who do you want to be?  Become crystal clear about your orientation in life and how you can use the directional use of your will to support your soul's desires.

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Being Love

Reconnect with your inner wind element and Anahata Nadam, the sound of your heart. Come to know to your breath and start releasing tensions and trauma from your lungs and heart. Practice forgiveness. Open yourself to deeper love (towards self and others). Bring your inner masculine and inner feminine polarities into balance and connection.  Step into the heart of the Bodhisattva and open your compassionate essence to the world.

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Being Spacious

Explore the realm of ether and connect to the space of all possibility. Understand and work with parallel timelines. Heal your voice and step into greater authenticity. Allow your higher self to take precedence in your life. Release more of your egoic steering and constitute yourself in and as your calling.

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Being The Seeing

Realize the Self. Understand the patterns of your mind and move beyond. Overhear your thoughts and become disidentified from all thought forms. Unify your inner polarities and recognize your true essence beyond duality as the Seeing or pure awareness itself. Connect and align to the theme and vision of your original nature. 

Start your month-long program of Self-discovery.


Being The One

Abide in your God Self and live as the One.

(Only accessible when Being the Seeing has been realized).





Realize who you are and allow that to show you what Oneness truly means. 

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